Free ghost hunting software

Facts about ghosts hunting...

We know ghosts exist because people have seen and heard them

This means that ghosts exist within a spectrum of visible light

Webcams see a slightly wider spectrum than our eyes; they also see infra-red.


The ideal conditions for monitoring ghosts is an environment where humans could notice them.

Enough light to see, stable and calm settings.

Ghost Monitor
is a Free software that
uses  webcams
and microphones to
capture images of

 paranormal manifestations.

This software has been tuned to
under conditions we
expect these
apparitions to occur.

Download free ghost hunting software
Motion detection ghost hunting softwareHere is the Ghost Monitor software.

Tuned specifically for webcams in dark environments, this software has a hot-spot based motion detection system and a low-alpha processing algorithm.

This software aims to solve one of the biggest problems in ghost-hunting: Going thru 10 hours of video recording to find the few seconds worth of anomalies and apparitions (Don't blink!)
That's why you need motion detection.

  • First select the zone to focus on the video. This is great because you get to choose a strategic place to monitor, this way you get to cut on the noise and focus on the interesting spots.
  • Click the "Start Motion Detection" button, and let it run. The software will process the pixels in the targeted zone, running test to find 2 kinds of motion:
    • Normal motion, things or people moving
    • Transparency and Local Luminescense readings (Low Alpha).

Record audio with video for EVP!Ghost Monitor can also record sound for EVP.
You can also click on the sound scope to setup a sound trigger: is something makes noise, start recording!

All video recordings are automatially broken into 1 hour files. This makes it a lot simpler to classify and archive.
Nobody want to deal with huge files that can't fit in email...

ghost hunter After years of hunting, I've found that no single tool yields as many awesome images as a simple webcam. I use Ghost Monitor Pro  with a netbook and a mid-range Logitech webcam.
Lance Jeanson, hobbyist ghost hunter

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Hot Tips from the pros

  • There are many classifications of ghosts: . They can manifest in many different ways. The most efficient way to record a ghost apparition starts when you suspect that there is a ghost in the environment, that is when the investigation starts. Try to identify the ghost's class by figuring out what drives him: "When and where does he manifest? What is his motivation, if any?" From there you are set to reproduce the experience, this time with the monitoring equipment ready.
  • You are allowed to adjust the light and all additional lighting to a scene.
  • Daytime is often neglected; apparitions happen all day round.
  • Don't go out hunting for ghosts; they are already around you. Instead, put your efforts in Ghost Testing and Monitoring.
  • If you haven't already, get this ghost hunting software.